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Your Next

Your Next

You Next Magazine was a unique Sheffield based local resource. Designed to offer local readers “their next… (insert activity or product here)”. I headed a small team who designed all content and advertisements for the magazine.

The Magazine was proudly quirky and hit many of the different dynamic groups within Sheffield. I created the logo and brand, which was then explored through a wide range of themes throughout the magazine. some examples of which can be seen below. If you would like to view my dedicated post for the magazine, where you can read four complete editions click here.  I have highlighted several elements from the magazine below.  The project was especially rewarding due to the high demands and short time scales of this kind of publication. Great experience of the high pressure, fast moving publication world.

your next wine your next coffee you next holiday= you next horoscope= in the pink advert= blue room advert= Runaway Girl advert=
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